Cloud DeveloperDays 2019 | Introduction to Testing of AWS Solutions (200)
Cloud DeveloperDays 2019 | Introduction to Testing of AWS Solutions (200)
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Introduction to Testing of AWS Solutions (200)

Speaker: Milovan Pocek

More and more information systems are transferred from on-premise architecture to the cloud, so the need for testing cloud solutions is rising rapidly. Serverless approach covers vast majority of performance and maintenance factors, but there are many challenges in testing cloud solutions, particularly testing related to the business logic. Considering the fact that Amazon is the world’s biggest cloud provider, in this presentation I will share my experience of testing AWS solutions and try to provide answers to the following questions: What are the differences between testing on-premise and cloud solutions? How can we monitor what is going on in the cloud? What are the ways to automate cloud system testing? In addition, I will provide a quick overview of the set of services used on our AWS project.

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