Cloud DeveloperDays 2019 | Cloud Agnostic Serverless With Fn (300)
Cloud DeveloperDays 2019 | Cloud Agnostic Serverless With Fn (300)
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Cloud Agnostic Serverless With Fn (300)

Speaker: Todor Todorov

Serverless is the new big player in town, that every cloud provider is pushing. It is hip and progressive, but all the vendors are locking you inside their stack or environment. Usually languages you can choose to write your functions/lambdas are limited. And don’t get me started on trying to migrate your serverless applications from one cloud provider to another or on-premises. Another hip thing lately is Docker containers and Kubernetes. Everybody loves them because they give you portability, flexibility and isolation. Now imagine what will happen if you manage to get the granularity of serverless with the power of docker containers. What if you can write your functions in any language you want, that can run in docker. In this session I will give you an overview of that and how it can happen. If you come and listen, I might just make that dream come true.

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