Cloud DeveloperDays 2019 | CQRS for Human Beings (300)
Cloud DeveloperDays 2019 | CQRS for Human Beings (300)
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CQRS for Human Beings (300)

Speaker: Todor Todorov

CQRS, Event sourcing, design patterns, sounds scary right? Do not be afraid! These are just fancy words! In this session, we will not just explain all of those in a simple and human way, but I will share our journey with them and what’s more – show you our mistakes so that you do not repeat them yourself. Once you know about all of those technologies, you will be able to help your system evolve and its performance – increase. Dramatically. I will show some demos in C#, but everything in the session can be achieved with any system and any language, so we will not be digging into the code so much.

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